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The world means a lot to us
Can the next generation enjoy the same benefits our earth has to offer as we can in our lifetime? In addition to education, children deserve a carefree future in a climate-neutral world.
We aim to minimise our ecological footprint. Together we aim for a peaceful, honest and environmentally friendly world.

...plant a tree!
With every screen we sell we make the world a little bit greener. Planting trees contributes to compensating for CO2 emissions. Did you know a tree can absorb about 20kg of CO2 in one year? This equals the footprint of actively using your touchscreen for half a year.

Together with our partner we plant and care for the trees.

Join us in supporting Plant-for-the-Planet and our vital tree planting efforts


Donate Trees

Whatโ€™s this about?

For every tree donated, a tree is planted and cared for in the Yucatan. Our partner Plant-for-the-Planet transfers all donations to your selected planting project. Every tree helps fight the climate crisis by capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in itself and in the soil. You can find more information about Plant-for-the-Planet or the planting projects at