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“The HRAIME Tree League represents the sweet spot of our environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts. Attached to the natural activities of our clients - employeers’ recruitment and candidates’ engagement - our Tree League also creates healthy competition that triggers positive momentum with beautiful lasting impacts. Smartly contributing to achieving the goal of global ecosystem official restoration program.”
Ladislav Hadacek, HRAIME Talent, Co-Founder


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What’s this about?

Our partner Plant-for-the-Planet transfers all donations to your selected planting project. Every tree helps fight the climate crisis by capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in itself and in the soil. You can find more information about Plant-for-the-Planet or the planting projects at

Forest Frontrunners

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The planting projects

Plant-for-Ghana – Ghana

Plant-for-Ghana is a pioneer reforestation project that aims to restore 10 million local tree species in the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone of Ghana, while contributing to the creation of green jobs in rural areas, raising awareness on biodiversity among the local people and creating sustainable sources of income for many families in said zone. Additionally, it serves as a research ground for partner universities to provide students with field experience.
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€2.00 per tree

Plant-for-Ethiopia – Ethiopia

Plant-for-Ethiopia is part of Plant-Together; a collaboration between Plant-for-the-Planet and local Tree Planting Organisations. With your donation, a sustainable forestry management system, as well as a vocational training programme for youth, will be developed. In doing so, it provides a huge contribution to local welfare and prosperity and creates a source of materials, food, biodiversity, and soil fertility.
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€2.00 per tree

Yucatán Restoration

Plant-for-the-Planet plants one tree every 15 seconds. When the children and youth initiative took over the first area in 2015, it was a sad sight: vast areas had been degraded due to deforestation, cattle and logging of economically valuable trees. Our restoration team working on this project and the affiliated tree nursery is over 120 people strong. Find out more here.

€1.00 per tree

Doñana Restoration Project – Phase I

Doñana Natural Park is one of Spain's most emblematic biodiversity hot spots and one of the most important protected natural areas in Europe. A crucial hub for migratory birds travelling between Africa and Europe and the last refuge for numerous endangered species. In 2017 a fire caused vast damage to almost 10.000 ha of forest lands. Over several project phases Plant-for-the-Planet is restoring affected areas in collaboration with local authorities to help the flora and fauna recover. The first project phase aims to restore 431ha with 65.000 new trees until the end of 2021. Doñana Reforestation is part of the project „One Million Trees for Andalusia. One Billion Trees for the Planet“.
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€5.00 per tree