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Let's restore the worlds forests!

As an international company in a transforming market and environment, AEC is committed to innovation, adaptability, growth, and constant learning. It is our mission to take on challenges and look for new ways to adapt to them, improve and drive change in all areas. One of our focus topics in this context is sustainability. We are eager to encourage our customers as well as our employees to increase their awareness and knowledge, but we also want to actively provide support. In this spirit, we are excited to partner with Plant-for-the-Planet and collaborate on ways to promote sustainability and affect positive change.
Donate Trees

What is it about?

For every tree donated, a tree is planted and cared for. Our partner Plant-for-the-Planet transfers all donations to your selected planting project. Each tree helps combat the climate crisis by capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it within itself and in the soil. For more information about Plant-for-the-Planet or the planting projects, visit